Timber investment land for sale

Township 19 ED BPP, Washington County, ME
21948 Acres

Price: $12,875,000

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An exceptional timberland investment located in Downeast Maine, offering a substantial timber base and established internal road network, enhanced by miles of accessible high quality frontage on several lakes, ponds and the East Machias River.


The tract is located in the unorganized township of Township 19 Eastern Division - Bingham's Penobscot Purchase (ED BPP), Washington County, in the heart of Downeast Maine, a region known for its rugged coastline, vast forests, pristine lakes and natural resource-based economy. The nearest town is Machias, about 15 miles to the south. Bangor is just over two hours to the west and Portland is about 3 hours to the southwest. The Canadian Maritime province of New Brunswick is only 30 minutes to the east.


Exterior access to the forest is provided by three primary entry points. The county-owned Nineteen Road serves as the central access commencing off State Route 9 and traversing the entire length of the forest, then exiting through the southern boundary. Spring House Road heads south from Route 9 and accesses the entire northwest corner of the forest. A third major point of entry is Eastern Ridge Road, which commences off Maine Route 192 in the town of Wesley to provide access to the southwest portion of the forest. The internal road system includes 56 miles of gravel road and over 25 miles of winter road.

Site Description

The majority of terrain is flat with low rolling hills and numerous drainages. Soils consist primarily of glacial outwash, well-drained in most areas, and suitable for year-round forestry operations. Sand and gravel deposits are common on the property, providing abundant material for road construction and maintenance.

The forest is host to a significant number of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, each offering a unique aesthetic character, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunity. The northeast corner of the tract hosts Love Lake with 2 miles of undeveloped shoreline. The eastern portion of the forest includes the entire shoreline of both Upper and Lower Spectacle Lakes, while the southwest corner features a combined frontage of 4.5 miles on Long and Round Lakes, and over 5 miles of frontage on East Machias River.


The forest is dominated by softwoods which comprise 77% of the total timber volume. Total sawlog volume is 0.961 MBF/commercial acre (International 1/4" Scale) and 14.9 cords/commercial acre of pulpwood, including over 80,000 cords of spruce/fir hygrade. Combined total commercial per acre volume is 16.8 cords. Total capital timber value was recently set at $10,541,000

Total volume by species is led by spruce/fir (48%), white pine (15%), red maple (11%), cedar (10%), with the remaining volume comprised of a mix of shade-intolerant hardwoods and other softwoods.

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