Vermont riverfront property for sale

Halifax, Windham County, VT
340 Acres

Price: $385,000 (Price Adjustment!)

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A conserved forest investment, dominated by a mixedwood forest of sugar maple, yellow birch and scattered mature white pine, this forest offer well-developed trails along with two building envelope options for year-round or seasonal development.


This conserved forest investment is located in the rural, southern Vermont town of Halifax. To many visitors, Vermont's Northeast Kingdom is where they imagine quiet, rural forests that remain untrammeled. However, the forests of southern Vermont have been spared much of the forest fragmentation seen in southern New England.


While Green River Forest appears to have substantial frontage along Green River Road, the Green River and its steep banks stand between the property and any functional access to the forest. There are two secure points of access off town-maintained roads. Off Green River Road, Old County Road meanders south gently up-slope to the property and terminates at a landing site on the property. While Old County Road continues beyond the landing, providing substantial frontage, much of the road will require substantial upgrades to make it passable by all vehicle types. The other access point is provided via Perry Road, also off Green River Road. This town-maintained road is also easily passable to the property. While the road continues along the frontage, it will require significant investment to make it passable by all vehicle types.

Site Description

The terrain varies widely from steep banks along the Green River to rolling terrain with small plateaux located in the interior of the property. Forest soils are mostly of well-drained glacial till composition, favorable for northern hardwoods, red spruce and balsam fir. The majority of terrain and soil types are suitable for year-round harvesting operations.

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